High Quality Carpets

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If you own a luxury house, you will certainly like to décor it with the excellent quality furniture, tapestry and carpets. Carpets and rugs are the essential paraphernalia of a house interior as well as of commercial premises. They give a glamorous and gorgeous appearance to your dwelling. Whether you are embellishing your house or office, penthouse or a luxury yacht floor, elegant and chic carpets of high quality complement their beauty. 

What makes a carpet outstanding is not its color, style or design only but fiber which is the basic content. High Quality carpets come in an extensive range of carpets for both bedrooms where carpets with softer pile are required to allow you to enjoy the best comfort. The place where there is movement of people, you need carpets with dense, tight and low-pile tuft. 

High Quality Carpets are particularly famed for their long-lasting life on account of their premium sturdy texture quality. Their thickness, resilience and weight are their most prominent hallmarks. If you are searching for a superb quality carpet, examine its quality and fineness with a simple test. Press the pile of the carpet you want to buy. If the pile gets back to its original form swiftly, it means the quality is superb and you can select it without any reservation. 

Another criterion of examining the fine quality is the thickness of the carpet. Usually it is thought that weight of a carpet will increase if its pile is dense. But it is not true. Actually the best quality carpets do not have much weight though they are thickly woven. They have longer loops and strands which is responsible for their bulkier look. The reason is their fine quality fibre which weighs less than the ordinary fibre. It imparts the carpet durability as well. All high quality carpets have this feature which gives them strength to bear continuous footfall and survive their form for a long period of time. 

ITC brings substantially extensive range of high quality carpets for its customers, providing them the opportunity to choose the best carpet for their floors. There are multiple categories and each category has diverse colors, style and designs. ITC’s Connoisseur Collection offers a substantial range of hand-woven 100% wool carpets. They feel ultra-soft yet they are capable of hardwearing. Similarly the Couture Collection encases the best quality carpets that are unmatched in their superior quality. ITC’s Eco-Rib offers you a range of 33 options. Such a huge collection of classic designs and texture is enormous enough to accommodate all types of choices for domestic and commercial floor as well as stairs carpeting. 

ITC doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products. It uses yarns of very high quality for the creation of its products. For an instance, there is always Australian and New Zealand’s wool used in carpets offered by ITC. Similarly the other processes are also of superior quality. Thus there is always a superb quality and it is manifested by the the huge clientele of ITC’s High quality carpets in the market.